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I am proud to be a Texas Conservative. As a combat veteran, community leader, and small business owner, my top priority is protecting our great nation and the opportunities it affords each of us. My values and beliefs are forged in faith and guided by the word of God. I firmly believe that returning to the Constitution is what is required to ensure the longevity and prosperity of our country.
Unfortunately, some Republicans in DC are too timid to disrupt the status quo. They’d rather go with the tides of Washington than stand by their convictions and fight each day for the conservative agenda.
I refuse to sit idly by as Joe Biden & the Democrats destroy our economy, open our borders, weaken our military, and increase our deficit to insurmountable levels. I’m Mack Latimer – I’m running for Congress to be a strong Texas Conservative voice in Washington. I look forward to earning your vote.
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As the Army moved my family around the country, I grew up in a mix of Southern Baptist and Non-Denominational churches, committing myself to Christ at a young age. Growing up I was a believer, but I really grew closer to God while grieving the death of my father after graduating high school. While diving into my studies of economics at West Point, I also dove into my study of the Bible, which is where my political and personal philosophies come from. The Bible shows us through the old testament and the new that we are all sinners. It shows us that when any person gains power, those sins are amplified and lead to destruction and despair. The Bible does not call us to seek power, but to love and to serve. That is why I chose to serve in the Army, with the Party, and in my Church. I now attend Grace Bible Church and I’m humbled to be able to serve on the deacon board.


Following my graduation from West Point, I was given sixty days of leave ahead of reporting to my first duty station. I took the opportunity to see as much of our great nation as possible. While hitchhiking through Colorado, I was picked up by Laura Beth (and her brother Wes) and the rest was history. Laura Beth and I married in 2019 and now have a beautiful daughter named Kira.


I was raised an army brat, the son of an enlisted soldier turned warrant officer - a crew chief turned Blackhawk pilot. After graduating high school, I joined the family business, enrolling in the United States Military Academy at West Point. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to be stationed at Fort Hood, joining the 3rd Calvary Regiment. In May 2018, I was deployed to Syria as a part of Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve where I led 2nd Platoon, Eagle Troop. When we returned to the United States, I served a year as Executive Officer for Eagle Troop and then as the Executive Officer for Heavy Troop, a logistics company. I ended my service in the Army as a battalion S4, grateful for the opportunity to serve our nation.


In 2021, wanting to make a difference in my community and bolster conservative policymaking, I ran for Bell County GOP Chair. I was humbled that the Republicans in my area would entrust me to lead the party. I got right to work. After some reorganization, I launched one of the largest Get Out the Vote efforts in county history and started Bell’s first election integrity program. The results were astonishing. In 2022 Bell County saw one of its largest Republican victories in decades.


While serving as Executive Officer for Heavy Troop, I uncovered a corruption scheme within the Army that threatened soldier safety and misused taxpayer funds by falsifying vehicle maintenance records.

I fought against the deceitful process from the inside. After exhausting all other options I filed a report with the Army Inspector General. Following the Inspector General’s investigation, my claims were found to be 100% truthful and the dangerous practices were halted.

I firmly believe that public servants should always do what is right in the face of adversity. I carry that principle with me every day and will wear it on my chest in Washington.


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